HealthCare CRM

CRM – Information Portal

This project developed as the Financial Billing System Interface
was in design. The issue: how to maintain a single source-of-truth (CRM CMDB) for all attributes, for all facilities within the Organization. The current practice was a single-use, manual-entry MS Access DB that maintained basic facility information. The goal became to replace this Access database with a 3-tiered application design (UI, API, Database) utilizing the .Net framework.

After consulting with the Finance, Accounting, Building, and Facility departments for required attributes, the final design:

  • Contained over 800 facility-described attributes
  • Provided for unlimited facilities; initially 1000+ facilities
  • Interfaced to ADP for 4500+ employees information
  • Interface with the Active Directory for authentication
  • Interfaced with the Internal Compliance database for licensing
  • Interfaced with the internal Construction database for maintenance
  • Interfaced with the Financial ERP

As lead sponsor of the CRM application and manager of the application, I directed the development though three (3) phases of deployment: initial concept and design, continuous ‘shippable’ package development, continuous user testing to Production.

CRM Architecture
CRM Architecture

CRM Data Flow
CRM Data Flow

CRM Data Lanes
CRM Data Lanes

The User-requested scope & requirements for the CRM included the below list; Although these concepts where very broad. The final design however encompassed over 800 attributes; some user-defined and editable, some fed via 3rd-arty applications and non=editable.

  • Allows unlimited Patient Care Facility locations
  • Allows unlimited Compliance licensing data
  • Allows unlimited Accreditation data
  • Allows user-defined Keywords, Labels (meta-tagging) to any field
  • Allows attachment of Keywords, Label to Patient Care Facilities
  • Provide full Search function; Multiple-field with any field
  • Provide location maps of Patients Care Facilities
  • Provide radius rings on maps
  • Ability to store images linked to any field