My Professional background encompass work that supports a technology alignment to business producing tangible commodities. My experiences have taken me through a myriad of industries involving many facets in the marketplace.

My experience serves to align enterprise assets such as Scope, Resources, Time, Funding, Quality, Delivery to the needs, not necessarily the wants, of an organization, its employees, and its customers. My background supports enterprise goals through facilitation of its ability to increase productivity, maximize profitability, and expand growth.

Mind MeldWorlds Together

What do I Do?

I “sell” knowledge, expertise, and transformational vision and delivery mechanisms to and for your teams; physical tangible products.

I offer:

  • Contagious passion with a laser-focus to deliver lean necessities.
  • Conflict resolution through objective-based scalability of assets.

Core ValuesIntegration

What are my Talents?

My talents lay in ‘Critical Thinking’ and ‘Inquisitive Innovations’ for building & rebuilding repeatable processes for increasing delivery and productivity leading to increased asset profitability.

Bottom Line:   I help your enterprise achieve integration thereby creating greater velocity (time-to-market) with less cost through alignment of Technology to Business.