Shooting Bullet

Competitive Shooting

Barnet’s Story

I took up competitive shooting, local hosted events, in the fall of 2013.   I watched the pistol match that first day.   I shot targets that same day after the match was over.   I participated the next month with borrowed pistol.   All I can say about my performance that day, I was not last.   Since then, I have participated in a few local competitive pistol and 3-Gun matches.   I now have an affinity for Shooting Sports.

My view, that first day and every day since — “as long as I am not at the bottom of the list, I had a great day”.   In spite of a few ‘minor’ setbacks (rotator cuff surgery, Spring 2014, and bicep tendonitis, Summer 2015), I continuously learn about pistols, rifles, and shotguns.

I practice when I can.   I take the occasional pistol lesson; aids my understanding why my shot patterns vary, why some days I am ‘dead-on’, why some days just ok, and why other days, I am just plain awful.   I listen and learn every day from those about me, from reading, and from practicing — stance, grip, body position, sighting, gun recoil, trigger/finger pressure, and mind & eye vs. target.   And above all, I have a new found (lost somewhere in my younger days) understanding of patience, my patience.

I continually challenge myself with difficult shooting patterns and scenarios.   This prompted me to create targets, some based on targets I have used, some based on knowledge transferred from instructors, and some are just plain left (or right) of ‘center crazy’.   I offer these targets here, free, for download.

My only request: you let me know your thoughts on making these targets better and/or ideas for new targets.   If you feel so inclined, please send your ideas to  Send Mail.