Texas Passport

Texan Passport Requirements

Texas Passport Requirements

  1. Can find shade to park under in 100+ degree days
    Texas Shade
    • Even a Cactus (Cacti) or a Scrub Oak gives shade
    • Or a Telephone pole; just the right angle shadows the driver’s car seat


  2.  Knows how to and can cook a brisket to absolute perfection
  3. Texas Brisket
    • Salt, pepper, cayenne, garlic, onion
    • A few secret ingredients
    • A little water & chillin’ in between
    • 12 to 16 hrs of smoking


  4.  Knows how to and can cook classic Texan Chill
  5. Texas Chilli
    • Does include only beef & homemade chilli paste
    • Does not include beans or tomatoes
    • Does include a few secret flavorings
    • Tastes intensely with 2 main ingredients
  6.  Drinks whiskey and/or beer, sometimes simultaneously
  7. Texas Drinking
    • Crown Royal, Canadian Club – mixed with almost anything
    • Beer tastes vary. Texans allow for that
    • Dad loves dark, rich stouts, porters, …
    • And red & white wines are becoming a big ‘thang’