This site will eventually become a compilation of my life, my life with my children, and, if my children so wish, my children’s life (once I learn WordPress, not easy, really!)

We are Texas!

A compilation of our loves, our losses, our journeys, our adventures, our friendships, our thoughts, our successes, our failures, our accomplishments, our disappointments, our work, our play, our life on this planet…in the ‘country of Texas’.

However, this site is under construction yet again.   I moved web hosting providers because, well, my previous web hosting provider sucked; there are no other words to describe ‘my disappointments’ with them over this past month or so.

So, I start anew.   A great opportunity to have in your life; everyone deserves at least one ‘do over’.   This is mine.   So, I ask that you please be patient whilst I get my head around WordPress and get this site back up.

And smile.  Keeps everyone guessing.  🙂

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